This will probably be the last batch of feeder photos until the weather cools down again. With all of this nice weather I’m sure the birds are having no trouble finding plenty to eat. I may put out occasional treats for them though when feel like sneaking some more photographs!

Something that I enjoy in my free time (besides drawing) is birding. I love setting out some seed or suet and snapping shots of my feathered visitors. One of the challenges I’ve had with this is to get a decent snap of the two species of woodpeckers that frequent my backyard, woodpeckers are super skittish. Another thing that I’ve enjoyed while birding is identifying the general demeanor of birds species, black-capped chickadees seem the least fearful of me while cardinals and woodpeckers are both pretty alert and take off at the slightest movement.

I had a lot of fun this weekend at the Butchertown Art Fair. Some artworks found some good homes and I had the oppurtunity to talk to other local artists as well as local businesses. Despite the wind/rain this weekend and being dead tired, I’d say it was a good weekend.

A brief snapshot into my creative process. This is a skateboard I worked on back in November for a local art show titled “Deck the Walls 2015”. I usually work in ink and watercolor but dabbled with acrylics for this project, I’m slowly warming up to acrylics. I still dislike them because they dry too fast though!
1-I have to sketch/write out my ideas first, sketches are really rough.
2-Penciled line art on skatedeck.
3-Finished deck.

I decided to participate this year since I work primarily with ink so I figured why not? Here are the pieces from October 1st to October 8th. Posting these all here has shown me a theme running with these drawings, many of them are birds or birdlike. Never noticed that until now… Stay tuned for more ink pieces! You can also view these on my instagram page:

A triptych Artist Trading Card (ATC/ACEO) I drew for someone on DeviantArt. The dragon is her original character.
You can also view it here on my DeviantArt profile:

Just recently moved and I now have my own workspace, I shall call it Halifax Studio!
Also I’ve been recently experimenting with new modes of drawing and using acrylics, something I haven’t really touched since high school. It’s refreshing to break away from usual techniques and to play for once:) Here’s a cardinal I drew using the blind contour method. Very fun…