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Full name

Shelbi R. Pierce


Girl Who Draws Strange Beasties


United States


Illustrator of nature and myth. Works mainly in watercolor & ink. Open for commissions/freelance work.


Artist, Dog Lover, Amateur Birder

When did you become interested in Art?

I've been doodling since I was small(er), back then I mainly drew Godzilla, dragons, and dinosaurs. As I matured I expanded my artistic interests to realistic and fantastic animal forms...I'm still a little intimidated by drawing humans but aim to remedy that in the future. In high school I received my first Micron pens which fed my budding passion for tight pen lines and creating texture with ink. In college I experimented with more mediums and came to adopt watercolors and charcoal powder into my main tools of the trade as well.

Favorite tools to use?

Ink, watercolor, acrylic, graphite powder, metal leaf

What size do you typically work at?

Right now I've been working fairly small, around 8"x10". I'd like to move back to working on larger scale work soon. I have so many ideas for different series in my head that I can't figure out where to start!

Do you have any artistic role models?

I've always been in love with Arthur Rackham's linework, Beth Cavener's emotional animal sculptures, Justin Gerard's fantasy illustrations, and Susan Seddon Boulet's layered, mythic representations of animals and people.

Why do you draw so many animals? Why don't you draw people?

Two reasons. One, I'm more comfortable with animal forms and when I do draw people I always get anxious about how 'accurate' or 'beautiful' my human drawings are, I guess I'm afraid of my graphite people:) Second reason, a lot of my personal work centers on personal relationships/experiences and I like to use animals as sorts of allegories for those subjects. I can create a piece about someone I personally know but it's not as direct as a portrait of them and also allows the viewer to reflect on the image and relate it to their own experiences. Plus, animals are just more fun to draw!

2018 The 90's Scifi/Horror Movie Group Art Show (Group), Seidenfaden’s, Louisville, KY
2018 Playing Opossum (Group), Normandy Gallery, Louisville, KY
2017 Order and Chaos (National Juried), Giles Gallery, Richmond, KY
Chautauqua Art Exhibition
2016 Artist of the Month-February (Solo), Donum Dei Brewery, New Albany, IN
I displayed my thesis work from last year as well as my very first BFA series to show my transformation as an artist.
2015 Deck the Walls (Group), VIA Studio, Louisville, KY
2015 IUS Student Juried (Group), Barr Gallery, New Albany, IN
Received Chancellor’s Purchase Award
2015 Concurrent Narratives (Group), Barr Gallery, New Albany, IN
Senior Thesis
2014 Parrotox: An Epic Tale Drawn Together (Group), Space Lab, New Albany, IN
2014 IUS Student Juried (Group), Barr Gallery, New Albany, IN
2014 Mapped Out by Chance (Group), Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft, Louisville, KY
2015 Chancellor's Award for Creative Achievement , IU Southeast
11th Annual IU Southeast Student Conference
2015 Outstanding Student in Fine Arts- Drawing , IUS School of Arts & Letters
2015 Chancellor's Purchase Award , IUS Chancellor

BFA Drawing

Indiana University Southeast

New Albany, IN · August 2010 – May 2015


Drawing, Watercolor, Mural Painting, Printmaking, Photoshop


Illustration, Animal Portraits